Approximately 65% of employees say they use the internet during the workday for non-work purposes. Whether they are surfing the web, answering personal emails or shopping online, all these distractions result in a 40% loss of productivity for businesses.

If all those open tabs on your web browser and constant social media notifications are distracting you from your daily workload, you are definitely not alone. I had the chance to ask a group of entrepreneurs how they stay focused and what methods they use to increase productivity, and they sure did share some creative techniques for staying on task.

Get Your Blood Flowing

Mini workouts or even a brisk walk around the block can give you a much needed break from your computer screen, get your creative juices flowing and of course, regular endurance exercise is great for your health.

“Physical activity resets neurons in my brain; I engage with the world very physically so I learned that to maintain energy I need to do the exact opposite of sitting down in front of my laptop and instead connect with my natural inclinations,” says Adero Davis Co-Founder and CEO of FairFare, a ride-share marketplace booking app.

“I work in spurts of two hours at a time, then break for 45 minutes and dance to my favorite music, regardless if I am working from home or the office. I resume work for another two hours before going for a run or swim,” Davis adds.

If you find yourself losing focus throughout the day, this may be a simple and heart-healthy way for you to get back on track.

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