What does your company do?
FairFare founder and CEO Adero Davis: FairFare is a personalized direct booking, intelligent ride-hail marketplace app. It’s powered by proprietary algorithms, which matches users to efficient solutions that are initiated by user preferences, and it functions as a marketplace that cross-matches personal transportation preferences with lifestyle spending habits, thereby becoming a direct asset to businesses, government, and consumers. We get you from point A to point B in the most efficient manner possible.

As the market evolves what kind of role do see ride-sharing playing in the broader transportation space?
AD: I believe ride sharing will become the mode of transport for urban dwellers because it really is just too annoying driving in the city. I also think ride shares will be more utilized for two-fare zones, as its safer and quicker, but there’s more work to do on pricing so it’s affordable for not just for professionals, but for every demographic that has to go from point A to point B in NYC. Linking with improved public transportation initiatives and the autonomous vehicle wave (which is really fun and being tested a lot in German), I think FairFare’s platform can withstand the evolutions the space will undergo.

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